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Australian Workforce Assessors offer a wide range of health services to employers including: 

  • Work health assessments, including pre-employment health assessments, annual and bi-annual health surveillance, industrial hearing assessments and lung function testing 
  • Drug and alcohol screening 
  • Immunisations 

These services are conducted by registered nurses throughout Tasmania. They are structured so that an employer has the ability to screen potential employees or monitor existing employees; ensuring they have the physical capacity to perform the inherent tasks required by a position. 


Australian Workforce Assessors will work with your business and industry to ensure that the people you employ are physically able to do the work you are employing them to do. By working with us, you are helping to ensure that your workplace is: 

  • Safe: Our employment health assessments are specifically designed to match potential and current employee’s physical capabilities with specific job tasks. 
  • Supportive: Take a proactive role in your Team’s health by providing regular health reviews.
  • Cost Effective: Regular health check ups may reduce or minimise your workers compensation premium, by demonstrating to insurers practical steps taken by an employer to minimise exposure to risk 
  • Convenient: These assessments can be carried out either at our offices throughout Tasmania or onsite at your location. 

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